Jim Turner

I’m Jim Turner, and I build functional art that reimagines furniture and accessories. I create things for people who see beauty in neglected objects, especially when they’re given new and lasting purpose. People who believe that’s possible for themselves, too.

Because that’s what I believe.

Years ago, I got injured. When I was able to return to work, I wasn’t needed. I was a middle-aged guy with a few personal passions and a career that was closed off to me. It seemed like everything in my professional life was telling me I didn’t have a purpose.

But that was all wrong. Everything can be repurposed.

I’ve always tinkered. Always loved things that were industrial and vintage, particularly cars. Appreciated what it took to meld iron and steel into things that were useful. And I always had affection for these things when they were discarded to gather rust.


“Rust is gold to me”

– Jim Turner


When I see a broken toy, I see my childhood. When I see a tarnished tailgate, I see the first truck my dad helped me buy. So, I started Lockjaw Garage. Now, I repurpose the objects I see into furniture, lighting, and works of art people can enjoy every day, and I help customers do the same for their own fading memories.

Come by the shop. I’ll likely be playing some music and working on something interesting. Take a tour, find out how I work, and see why everything can be repurposed.

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Jim Turner



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