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I want your money! (Chuckles to himself) But seriously, I started this as a way to make an income doing what I like; creating, building and repurposing.

I make my pieces to impress you, so that you can buy it to impress someone else!

I want my art to make you feel uncomfortable and question things. I like to build stuff that causes the viewer internal conflict.

Well it starts with a little depression, a little anxiety, a need for income, and an outlandish imagination.

Yes, by appointment only. Contact me via my website, cellphone, DM me on Instagram but please make an appointment.

Yes, I am willing to talk through the details to make it work. However, each agreement would be based on many factors and would change based on each situation.

Yes! One payment in full, I try to stick to this model for all of my purchases.

Yes, I have pieces in the Dub Biscuit Studio in Downtown Los Angeles and at The Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre.

Yes, but in bulk wholesale orders! I do not want to do just one piece off, so that we can see how it sells. However I would be willing to do five pieces or more for a discounted price.

Yes, especially if it helps sales!

Continental US, but I’ll ship anything anywhere! Seriously, I want your money. But we will have to arrange it differently, so when you are commissioning a piece from me ask about the international shipping.

Currently we are only shipping my RE:fracted collection (Light HeARTed collection).

Standard shipping rate of $40.

Yes, especially if it helps sales!

No, when you purchase any of our pieces we will provide the bulb’s original box with a part number. Take this part number and Google it. Or search the brand of bulb that we use

We recommend all of the pieces stay under a covered area to keep from being damaged, especially the electric ones, which are not meant to be in the elements.

Depending on the situation, contact me and we will see what we can do to fix it.

Yes, spread the word! If you want, I’ll make you a coffee cup to buy; just watch out for the handle!

It depends on the piece and its size; remember, this is art. But the following guide is usually the standard timeframe.


  • 14 days for the RE:cycled, RE:booted, and RE:animated collections.
  • 3-4 days for any of the RE:fracted pieces.